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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If You Don't Mind, Allow Me To Quote Myself

On March 27 at 10:46am, I commented on my own blog:
I think these people just don't have the balls for an attack of any significant sort. Think about it: that militia leader in Alabama (Vanderbough?) basically said "we're cleaning our guns ..."" and urged people to throw bricks through Democratic offices. Oooo, I'm so scared; a bunch of dumb-ass rednecks are wacking off to their guns and encouraging petty vandalism. Pussies. I say to them, bring it, bitches. You do, and our excellent law enforcement system will lock you up for a long long time.
Then, two days later, from NYT, on March 29:
Militia Charged With Plotting to Murder Officers
In an indictment against the nine unsealed on Monday, the Justice Department said they were part of a group of apocalyptic Christian militants who were plotting to kill law enforcement officers in hopes of inciting an antigovernment uprising, the latest in a recent surge in right-wing militia activity.
See ya, suckers. Enjoy prison.
Hmmmmmmm.......They all look like, well, they all look like dirtbags to me. Can you say "Berserkers"? Remember that? Militia used to mean patriotic to me, back in the days of Williamsburg and Patrick Henry, but lately it means white supremacy. But who am I to judge?
Look closer, it was an FBI setup.
PS Lonnie, the FBI has been doing such infiltration of groups for a long time. I have a friend (who you've met) whose Dad did it for the FBI in the 1960s and 1970s.

The idea wasn't just to keep tabs on such groups, but to gain leadership roles in them (surprisingly easy, as you note these people are often not real smart) and steer them towards violence.

Not saying 100% that's what this was, but judging by the two FBI plants involved in the Hutaree group, a little skepticism is in order.

The website you link to provides no credible evidence of what he is proposing, ie, that the FBI essentially took over and led this group, supposedly to act as some kind of agent provocateur to serve the government's (nefarious) ends.

The article links to the WSJ which mentions one small paragraph about FBI infiltration, stating "infiltration is a common tactic for law-enforcement officials targeting domestic militia groups." Nothing mentioned about that person's role, and nothing surprising that the FBI gathered evidence for their case through inflitration.

Your article also links to a Detroit News article stating that "Prosecutors have said an undercover agent attended training sessions and posed as someone who could provide the group with custom-made explosives." With no further details about this person's role in infiltrating the militia.

It seems Lew Rockwell's writer follows the typical conspiranoia found these days so commonly among libertarians: ignore massive amounts of evidence and focus on tiny "inconsistencies" or minor details, fitting of The Ideology, sprinkled with a bit of paranoid fantasy, to prove a convoluted theory whose sole purpose is, again, to support The Ideology.

Sorry, but that's my honest analysis.
And how crazy it would be to think that a branch of the government might have nefarious ends! That never happens. Oh, wait.

So am I hopelessly paranoid about the nature of our government or are you hopelessly naive about the nature of our government?

Time will tell, and probably not a whole lot of time. I like this article about it:

Peace out.
"So am I hopelessly paranoid about the nature of our government?"

Answer: yes.

"Time will tell, and probably not a whole lot of time."

If this commenter is who I think it is, this statement sounds familiar. I seem to recall similar ominous suggestions of a horrific near-future approaching (soon! I promise! soon!) back in early-2008 when you were predicting that G.W. Bush was going to nuke an American city in order to cancel the elections because Ron Paul was on the cusp of becoming president (a man who clenched at least 4% of the Republican vote). And how about that imminent hyperinflation that was just around the corner?
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