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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here's the Eight Years, Gentlemen

On May 22 this year, me and my old friends will have taken our annual Chesapeake Bay sailing trip for eight years in a row. On most of the trips, we've taken pictures, so I put some of my favorites in this collage. Click through to see a larger version:

These photos tell like a hundred stories. A print version of the above collage will be gracing my aft bulkhead.
In all the pictures I've viewed of you and your friends, I have yet to see you smokin' something really worthwhile. Call me
Call him
Oh, he likes cigars?!?!

That All Rounder. A friend of yours, I presume?

Remember... BrickTown.
I had a feeling you went to collage.
GR8 post! Will you disclose what software you used for this collage?
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