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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Another Reason Islam Sucks: No Dogs

I'm in Lampung, Indonesia and noticed the lack of stray dogs that are usually so present in the poorer parts of the earth. I asked my associate why.

Turns out, Islam forbids the keeping of dogs as pets because of their saliva; being licked by a dog is filthy, according to the Muslims -- on par with eating a pig.

What a mirthless, humorless religion.
Hey Spot! Let's mosey on down the lane and pick up some whole hog barbecue. Don't forget to ask for extra doughy white bread to sop up the sauce. And, come here, give your daddy a lick in the face, and make sure you get all of the sauce on my lips!

I'm sorry, they lack soul if they don't appreciate the comaradarie
of having a dog, and letting it lick your face.
I don't like dogs, but I don't make a religious practice out of it. I do have to agree, though, that dog saliva is nasty stuff.
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