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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Interest List: Stereotyping By Demographic

Elliot is now 7 months old and I often take him around the city so I've seen people's reactions to the little guy for long enough to make some sweeping generalizations based on race, class, culture, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Below is a list of the groups of people who express interest in my baby. Number 1 is the group who generally goes NUTS when they see Elliot, on down to the last group, who could give a flying fuck.

1. Black women over age 27.

2. People with babies around the same age as Elliot.

3. White women over age 36.

4. Black men over age 36.

5. Foreigners/immigrants.

6. Children age 6 to 9.

7. Gay men.

8. Lesbians.

9. White men over age 45.

10. - 199. Anyone I missed in the above.

200. Urban white hipster-type people in their 20s.
Or couldn't give a flying fuck. Urban White-hipster type people don't give a flying fuck about anything, which in my book, isn't really hip at all. Call me old-fashioned I guess.
You do realize of course that urban white hipster types generally see babies as the great yawning abyss that signals the end of their lives. It's an inevitability they deny and therefore try very hard not to see.
Just be lucky yours does not have red hair, My favorite is when they ask Kristy, Where she got her red hair from!
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