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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Don't Care About Birthdays

If people forget my birthday, I don't care. Why celebrate the random day when my mother's water broke? There are things that are much more worth celebrating than birthdays.

Women seem to make a bigger deal out of birthdays than men do. Actually, thinking of a handful of my closest friends, I can only tell you off the top of my head when one of them (Colin) was born, and that's because he was born the day before Halloween. And I've never called him on that day that I can remember. I don't think that makes me a bad friend and I'm pretty sure he doesn't either.

I only care about this subject enough to give it seven sentences.
Herr Bruner: You actually have eight sentences in the entire post. I know, don't be a dick, Baydog. But I agree with you. I NEVER proclaim that it's my birthday, ever. And what about the people that throw parties for themselves? And ask, "aren't you happy for me?". Or when those same people go on vacation and then come back and ask, "did you miss me?". Could you ever say no without offending that person? I didn't miss you, because when you get back, I'll get twice as much of you as I would have otherwise. Sorry if I offended any of the lovely women out there, because frankly, guys just don't ask those kind of questions. Unless of course, well never mind.

P.S. Lonnie: The actual day the water breaks isn't always the birthday. (both of my daughters).

The more your life becomes intertwined with others, ie wife, kids, the more you will enjoy birthdays.
They become days when you are able to momentarily shirk kid watching responsibility and do stuff you used to be able to do when there was nothing you HAD to do.
I plan on grilling/smoking ribs and drinking beer.

Today is my wife's birthday and she is yardsaling by herself and tomorrow an old friend is coming to town.

Otherwise birthdays get more and more lame as age overcomes us
Suck it up pal. Happy Birthday!
I think yours is a few days after mine. I am in the Same oat as you. B-days, Who needs another Hallmark holliday.
Have you been away or what?
I'm a man and I love Birthdays! And you're very wrong. Women hate birthdays. They wont even admit their age. I just turned 31 and I had myself a lot of yummy cake and ice cream and I got myself a balloon too !
We should celebrate mothers on our birthdays!
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