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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Elliot Meets "Ethel" -- an M24 Sniper Rifle

Hilarious how a leftist like me is drawn to guns.

Since my wife won't let me own one, I am highly lucky to have an old friend like Colin who has an entire arsenal locked in a 7-foot steel case in his basement. He has some of the coolest weapons I've ever seen, and he loves to shoot them -- often.

Shortly after I arrived, out came Ethel, a metallic black M24 sniper rifle with built-in tripod and is the official sniper rifle of the United States Army.

I figured if it's good enough for the Army, it's good enough as the first gun for Elliot to experience.

Luckily, my wife had bought the little dude a pair of infant-size blue earphones to protect his tender ears from the sound of this black beast blasting out .300 magnum match-grade ammunition.

Actually, the little guy didn't even flinch while sitting in his seat on the back deck while we fired it across Colin's backyard at some plastic bottles filled with water. KER-SPLOOSH!!! with every hit.

Cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce ...

Summer is nice, isn't it.
But do you cling to your gun?
Colin needs to go jogging.
Yes, I need to go Jogging. Yes I know that I am FAT. I am OK with that. At least I have a Pair of balls to post a comment on someone with my name attached. What kind of Panty waste pussy are you to make a comment you cannot stand behind and hide behind the internet. Once again not mad that you called me Fat but the fact that you hid like man in a canoe locked tight behind tight jeans and a pair of thongs on a first date in highschool. Grow a pair and I will take your constructive critisism any day of the week. Have a nice day and I wish you the best!

Lonnie, I feel compelled to say that in these days and times that I find it good and reassuring that Liberals are armed and good shots. I salute you.
Wow, where can you shoot rifles off the back of your deck. That is so cool!
Exactly what do you have against thongs?

And Lonnie's post reminds me of a discussion I had several summers ago with an editor of a well-known leftist press...he argued against gun control because when the revolution comes (or the counter-revolution or simply bad bad times), you know the right wing will be armed.
Xactly my point, CS.
The Right Wing or Just Americans who have a right to bear them. Right wing or left wing should make no difference we are all Americans. Screw the parties. IT SAYS WE THE PEOPLE NOT THE REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC PARTY. STOP THE MACHINES.
Right on.

I shoot guns for the fun of it and exercise my politics at the ballot box, and that's about it.
Reich Wing = Unregulated Militia
I bet you guys are somewhere in semi-rural Virginia for these pictures, right?

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