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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Urban Fishing Means Fat Brown Nasty Carp

For the first time, I bought a DC fishing license. I'm now determined to catch fish in some of the nastiest, most polluted urban waters in your nation's capital. The main fish that can survive in that type of water is the giant cockroach of fishes -- the carp.

This fish tastes disgusting so no one eats them -- always catch and release -- so they grow to be HUGE, like the one pictured caught in the Tidal Basin in sight of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

But damn, it's hard to catch these beasts because they're so wily and smart. Check out the elaborate carp rig I have to figure out how to put together. Note that the bait is not even supposed to be on the actual hook! WTF?

Apparently, carp are so smart that they can sense that there's a hook in the bait and won't take it. You're supposed to suspend the bait above the hook so they chew it and suck the hook in accidentally. I've been fishing since I was three years old and have never heard of a fish doing this or a rig like the one above. This is going to be a challenge.

I've found a spot on Rock Creek where I've seen big carp and have sat for a couple hours without catching a one. But I am determined to get one before winter.
hey so heres what's going on with carp. they are delicious, but you gotta eat them at the right time of year. namely in the late fall or during the winter - that's when you have to catch them (they simply dont eat as much and so they smell less). the second thing is you gotta know how to prepare a carp the best is an jewish recipie here's how it looks but i've had it fried too several time and it was awesome - but you have to know how to do it, and when to do it, whch is in the winter. yr favrite polack
You're over thinking carp. They're only really difficult to catch on the fly.

Make dough with strawberry jello mix in it. Bury the hook in the dough ball. Attach an egg shaped heavy (3/4-1oz) lead sinker 16-18" above the dough ball.

Cast. Sit. Wait. Drink. Set your drag pretty lose.

Once you hear the fish pulling line off the spool, tighten your drag and set the hook... hold on for dear life.

Don't try to lip it when you catch it - they have no jaw structure so you'll just drop it while your fingers slip from its rubber-toy like lips.

I gotta say, Szymon, that picture does not get me excited about wanting to eat DC carp. I think I'll stick to catch and release. Sorry.


Thanks for the tips. I hear they LOVE canned corn too.
Nice article,I really enjoyed reading it. Just a note, please give credit to Isaac Brock for the title. As you probablly know it is the title of one of his songs.
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