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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have a friend who can chew the top off a beer can.

My friend Colin has been able to chew the top off a beer can for so many years that I take that talent for granted. Sometimes I forget what an honor it is to know someone like this.

Here he is two years ago during my annual guys' sailing trip showing off this awesome skill. The video is grainy, but you can see his technique of tilting the mouth of the can so his left lower canine tooth actually cuts off the entire top as he turns the can. After he's done it looks about like this -- which you can't see in the video.

Does he eat the lid afterwards?
He never bleeds which I think is amazing.
My teeths hurt just watching that.
That's a hell of a neat job. kids read this blog not to mention friends from work. Just kidding they already know how I am.
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