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Monday, April 13, 2009

It's True: Carp Taste Like Pond Scum

My trouble is I don't believe most warnings and advice. This puts me in a position of experimenting way too much; 88% of the time I discover that other people's warnings were indeed true.

And this applies to carp. Everything you've heard about eating carp is true. Ok, it's not the worst meat in the world -- especially masked under a slathering of south-Indian (dot, not a feather) curry gravy -- but it's not a fish I would eat again. The expression you are what you eat couldn't be truer: carp are vegetarians who eat algae, ie, pond scum, and that's exactly how they taste. Stay clear.
Aren't tilapia fed a diet of shit? How come they don't taste like shit?
Yes, that is odd. Maybe that's because the shit they eat is really tasty shit.
Not all carp only eat algae. Common carp eat bugs, berries, and other fish (both shell and vertebrate) as well.

They still taste like crap, but I understand smoking it like you smoke salmon actually makes it taste good if the water you're eating them out of isn't filled with pesticides and human fecal matter.

Tilapia does taste like crap and on top of it all is one of the least healthy fish for you to come out of farms. Wild caught its fine, but good luck finding wild caught tilapia. Hell of a fight on light gear, so I hear.

LB: I passed through your area this past weekend, briefly. Stayed in MD for about 10 hours to get some sleep and grub and then got lost in DC yesterday trying to get home.
Tilapia grow in ponds that even hogs wouldn't venture into! The water is a virtual cesspool of bacteria, fungi, microscopic algae and who knows what else. But, check out the price for tilapia and compare it to trout etc. the next time you eat out - it's about the same for tilapia as for more expensive fish.
I take personal offense to your remarks, Algae will have it's revenge.
PS, Can you post your Dad's old family recipe somewhere? That is my favorite for preparing Carp?
I don't know what my grandma and aunt did other than cook them in a pressure cooker and can them but we they were done they had a salmon taste to them. I couldn't believe it when I first ate one!!!
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