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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anarchists 1886: Throwing Bombs at Police. Anarchists 2009: Vegan Cookies, Yoga & Nap Time.

Man oh man, how far we've come. I heard reports in the media that during this year's IMF protests an anarchist group took a break to have vegan cookies and naptime. I googled "vegan cookies anarchist naps" and sure enough and several others confirmed it:
Saturday April 25

West End Neighborhood Library (1101 24th St NW)
Nap time, yoga, and vegan milk and cookies provided by the SDAC. This will give us time to rest up and re-energize after a long day on the barricades. Saturday Night is going to be fun, get rest, you’ll need it!
I can't make fun too hard because I used to be involved in anti-globalization protests back in the 1990s in my more sophomoric days, but man, this is just one more sign of the type of luxury and stability we enjoy in rich countries. Thank god anarchists pose no real threat and do not partake in any real anarchic actions like a long time ago (ok, to be fair, they did break some windows and use some spray paint).

Imagine the vegan-cookie-nappers compared to the anarchists who took part in the Haymarket Riot in Chicago in the late 1800s. Those anarchists threw bombs at police which resulted in a massive riot and four anarchists being put to DEATH. That's when the USA had REAL strife, REAL depressions, and REAL anarchists. Consider that right now our "worst recession since the Great Depression", by most extreme estimates, will last THREE years. Hoo boy! During the Haymarket Affair, they were going through a depression that lasted TWENTY-THREE FUCKING YEARS.

Life is good these days.
This is priceless.
I think people were scared, they were scared shitless! The FBI brought out bomb squads, MPD (metropolitan police department or another PD) brought out APCs (armored personnel carriers) with pepper spray cannons attached, MPD used helicopters with some weird light and noise device, plus they had All Hands on Deck, meaning that all cops in MPD were working the entire weekend. They didn't even do that for the inauguration of Obama. Plus MPD used pepper spray which is something they haven't used at protests as far I can remember since Bush's second inauguration in 2005. If that wasn't being scared I don't know what is, if we didn't pose a threat then they wouldn't have reacted the way they did. Heck they even had about 10-14 police cars following a permitted 5K Run on the Bank and brought out the National Guard and had them ready on stand by. They were freaking out like I have never seen.

Now obviously vegan milk and cookies doesn't sound dangerous because it is not, but it is a good way to keep people going, you have some time between actions and relaxing and hanging out with friends is an important thing. Rome wasn't built in a day neither is a good anarchist movement and having time to network and rest and eat food with friends and those who you wish to be friends is a good way to start.

I will admit that anarchists have gotten tamer but that is only because we have many new people and we are re-learning a lot of things or just getting back into the groove of things but we are coming back, BACK IN BLACK!
Dear AnarchistCookieEnthusiast,

You said:

"just getting back into the groove of things but we are coming back, BACK IN BLACK!"

They were saying the same thing back in 1998 when I was involved in this (losing) role-playing game called anarchism.

As for the police reaction, they do this because of the (child) vandals who break windows. The police response used to be much right bigger after the '99 WTO. Now it doesn't even warrant media coverage.

Keep dreamin' bub.
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