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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More Freaking Sailing Trip Photos to Bore You With

I bought a new camera so I was able to load my annual sailing photos. Here's the slideshow.

I described the places we went and what we did in these photos in a separate post, so I'm not going to re-tell it here. I will, however, give a recommendation for the new camera I just bought.

I got this camera and if you're considering buying a point-and-shoot, you should buy that Panasonic Lumix for the following reason: my wife works at National Geographic and knows people who work with the N.G. Photo Camp. Apparently, the Photo Camp photographers all use that Panasonic as their cheaper camera.

I just got it yesterday. It seems damn easy to use, not expensive ($249) and takes excellent photos.

In about 20 days, I will have been writing this blog for five years. I need to give myself a kick in the butt to crank out more posts.
Oh, I hear you Lonnie. But here's the thing -- this is a labor of love, it's not a job. I love your blog so much because it's an extension of you, and not some treadmill you just hop on each day.

As blogs evolve, the people that keep doing stuff like you and me are turning into a "boutique" business, sorta like that corner butcher that's been around for 50 years. We don't trade in volume, but we know what the eff we're doing and keep the quality high.

That's my 2 cents, anyhow.
these pics make my heart a good way
Ah yes, I long for fish seasoned with sand, grit and cooked on an open grill. Oh my, and it's even washed down the gullet with brews served in plastic cups!

Well, aren't you delicate.

No, really, the fish was marinated in bacon-infused bourbon and seasoned with Old Bay seasoning. Fresh caught, best I've ever eaten (and I don't dole out superlatives too easy). Those are Mai Tais in the plastic cups -- classic tiki drink that's more than half straight liquor. Not sure you could've handled it. ;-)


That means a lot man. Thanks.
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