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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

First Set of Annual Sailing Trip Photos

We've been taking this trip for seven years in a row now. Jason uploaded his photos online which you can see here.

Sadly, we were not able to crossbow any cownosed rays, but we did catch a 25-inch rockfish, which you see at right.

The high-fives I'm giving in the first photo was taken right after we landed the fish. I'll post my own photos later, when I buy a new camera that can take the old (full) memory cards. I dropped my old camera in the saltwater and it's now dead.

Pictures from last year's trip are here.
Nice Striper there LB
That one sunset pic is fucking brilliant. Other than that, looks like a lot of fun.
As a longtime reader of your blog, and lover of kayaking and the water in general, looking at your sailing pic over the years has piqued my interest in sailing. You got any advice about how to go about obtaining a sailboat and, more importantly, learning to sail? Any website resources you recommend?

There are lots of cheap 1970s sailboats in fine condition that no one wants. The cheapest route is to go directly to a local marina and see if they have any abandoned boats. You can also check craigslist, etc. I got my first 23' sailboat for free and learned by just taking it out and making lots of mistakes. I don't recall reading any books at all early on. There are plenty of learn-to-sail books on the market though.
Thanks for the info about sailing.I've been looking at boats all day. As far as the skill goes, I think I may just have to suck it up and ask my Lt. to teach me.
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