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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Word "Doomsayer" Begins with a "D". So Does "Douchebag".

Well, well, well, it looks like our recession is coming to a close in the foreseeable future, according to a survey of the National Association for Business Economists. If it's correct, this recession will have lasted -- gasp -- just under two years.

God damn, I can't stand doomsayers. This crisis really exposed them for the weakling, cowardly, ideologically-driven USA-hating ninnies that they truly are. The biggest D's are the libertarians.

The worst offender was that Captain Douchebag Jerome Schrift (or was is Peter Sift? Jeremey Shaft? I can't recall. Whatever, history will never remember his name). Do you remember this fuckface doomsayer? He'd be on Bloomberg every other night telling everyone to abandon the dollar because its imminent collapse was nigh. He was economic advisor to the Ron Paul campaign --- likely another name no one will remember in 20 years.

And these libertarians actually believe the words coming out of their mouths. The other day, a libertarian wrote this to me in an email:
"The Great Depression -- it wasn't market forces that causes it, it was the Fed and Hoover and Roosevelt's policies, which are similar to Obama's today."
This is part libertarian fantasy, and part correct, but not for the reasons proposed. It truly was the Fed that made the crisis worse --- by contracting the money supply rather than a (Keynesian) expansion of it like Bernanke has done. What's been done in the past year is called "learning from history".

This recession will last just short of two years, very likely, when a year ago there was a chorus of doomsayers saying it would be worse than the Great Depression. Please. If it were up to libertarians, we'd drag on for 10 years with collapsing prices and 25% unemployment to let the "wonders of the free market" do their precious work.

I have no time for fearful people with nothing positive to say and no honest workable solutions to large problems. Libertarians need to get out of the way and stick to wankfests at the Cato Institute while us Keynesians roll up our sleeves and get the economy moving again --- in less than two years, thank you very much.
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