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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Wife Is Pregnant. 14 Weeks.

After a year and a half of trying, I finally put a baby in my lady. For all you in your thirties who're thinking about trying to get pregs, don't delay. It's not as easy as you think even for someone with an extrodinarily high sperm count such as myself [breathes on fingernails, brushes them on shirt]. As far as I know, pregnant women who're over 35 are considered high risk pregnancies.

I'm logging a mental list of all the things people say I am not going to be able to do after I have a kid. Then, I'm going to go through that list and check them off after I do them. I mean, come on, I can just bungie-cord the stroller to the mast and sail the seas like before. That's no issue as far as I'm concerned.

And I vow to talk on and on ad nauseam about babies and parenting around people who don't have kids. Childless people LOVE that.
Congratulations, man!
I will add my internet congratulations to my real life congratulations. :)

I do have to correct you on your call that pregancies in women over 35 are considered "high risk." While certain birth defects like down syndrome and trisomy increase with age, they are still relatively rare. And as for the pregnancy itself, doctors no longer consider maternal age a risk factor by itself. Yay! - Red Storm
Also, your wife is not even close to 35 yet.
So glad to hear you've reached this milestone! I was hoping for an update soon!
congrats my friend
my parents started me sailing the Chesapeake when i was a salty 6 months old. its a great way to be brought up. congratulations!
Congrats man! My lady is 18 weeks along and you're right about the whole "you won't be able to do this Or that". Bullshit. We plan to keep on traveling and livin'. People like raining on parades I guess.
how often is the weatherman right at night? well, he must be close, or, they wouldn't give them 8 minutes every night. same with raising a child...........sometimes you are right, othertimes not so much. So, you will give up somethings, but the surprise will be that many you will not. You will just adapt until the rug rat grows into it.JMHO...good luck LB and EM

Tex anon
Congrats to both of you!

Kids require energy, and you seem to still have lots of it. You can do all the things you do now, but they just require more planning/energy. My two cents.

I read something about car seats being strapped into the cockpit of a sailboat somewhere. Sounds good to me. By then maybe Natalie (age 5) will be able to man the helm and watch Damon jr. while we go below for the mai tais.
Babies are a tremendous amount of fun and the amount of fun and pleasure increases at least linearly with each increasing day, but they do restructure your life in different ways. A hint to the wise: learn in advance how to change a diaper and feed a baby. The average number of diaper changes for a newborn is 12 to 16 per day for the first two weeks and 10 to 12 changes per day for the remainder of the first six months. They like to eat nearly as often!
Just Thinking...
Boy Names:
Mac Fodge-Parker Junior?
Ace Fodge
Brock Fodge
Mac Master Fodge
Dodger Fodge-Parker
I Know, Christopher Jordan Fodge, I ilke it!!!!!

Girl Names
Katie Mac Fodge-Parker Jr?
Fantasia Fodge
Posie Parker-Fodge
Gracie-Oviler(ia) Fodge
I Know, Kristy Lynne Fodge!!!
That's terrific news. Congratulations to you both. Look forwrd to baby news along with the usual diet.

Is your neighbor talking to you yet?

Congrats to you and the wife.
Congratulations. And don't believe anyone who tells you that after you have kids you can't do X. I only took up sailing after we had two kids.
Do your wife a favor, get the following things for her:
1)body pillow
2)one of those armed (winged?) lounging pillow things
3)heat pad for the leg cramps
4)enough gift-certificats for a weekly manicure/pedicure (she may not be able to see her toes, but will want to know they look good)
5)nice smelling body cream so you can rub her back/belly

I'm on kid #2 and have had to go get these things twice now because we threw them all out the first time!

Good Job, sleep is overrated!

I had my kid on the boat when he was twenty days old. It took some work to get my wife to agree but it went smooth. The vibration of the diesel puts the kid right to sleep then the waves keep him out till he gets hungry.

When my sister was only about two weeks old, my dad took her sailing on his boat. He put her in a laundry basket.
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