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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I got kicked out of my gym for working out in jeans.

I never feel like changing at the gym so I just walk from my house for 15 minutes in street clothes and straight to the equipment. While I was doing my back exercises, the manager came up and told me that it's against their policy for people to work out while wearing jeans. He said it was written on the back of the contract I'd signed, and that it was a safety issue. I'm not the kind of person to get irate over trivial things (really) so I just left --- didn't really feel like working out anyway.

How could this be a safety issue? Does he think my tight jeans are going to rip open my nut-sack while I'm on the bench press?

I guess this is the kind of "soft fascism" that my former commenter Random Libertarian was warning us about.

By the way, I go to the Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights. It's actually located on top of a Target. See:

Photo credit M.V. Jantzen.
Soft fascism. That's what I'm going to call the next convenience store clerk who tells me they "must" put my six-pack of beer in a bag, even though request otherwise.

I usually just reach in the bag, pull the beer out, and leave. Now I'm going to add "Arrivederci, Mussolini."
A quick scan with The Google came up with the explanation that some gyms ban jeans because they can "tear the vinyl on benches".
Yeah greg, what is it with putting beer in paper bags? When I first moved to the US I assumed it was some kind of law, but never figured out what purpose such a law would have. Unless it was introduced into some Congressional Bill by the Manufacturers of Six-Pack Sized Brown Paper Bags Lobby.

Maybe Joe Six-Pack knows the answer? Someone should ask his friend Sarah at her next news conference.
The rule exists in most big box gyms in the U.S. because the rivets on some jeans pockets can supposably tear the vinyl on the benches/seats. Never seen it actually happen but I have seen rivets leave permanent dents in them. I have also seen pomade/hair grease/'activator' from processed jheri curl hairstyles leave permanant stains on gym machine upholstery. That is why you will see some very big macho looking black men wearing scarves over their hair while working out.

I've worked as a trainer in gyms for years and only small, boutique style gyms with exclusive memberships and Crossfit gyms will allow you too wear what you want.

At a Crossfit gym, you can even workout in flip-flops/barefeet like the Greek Olympic lifters do.

I swear by Crossfit, of course. And I won't make any money off saying that.
I've got a couple of six-pack sized brown paper bags you can put your jeans in and cover up your jeri-curl with while you work out.
fuck gyms. you can get a good workout just doing pushups, situps, etc and running.

Well, I had no idea about that vinyl tearing thing. Makes sense, I suppose.


True, to an extent. The problem is actually doing all that running, situps, etc. Gyms force you to do it because there's money behind it that goes to waste if you don't.
I might just end all conversations with "Arrivederci, Mussolini" or "Adios, Franco"; I like the phrase that much.

Lonnie, I have nothing to add to the jean debate. Maybe if you had on some stylish Jordaches or something they'd let you get away with it?
I like the jeans ripping off your nutsack explanation better than the whole rivets on vinyl thing. Maybe you should come in with a custom-made pair of riveted nike shorts just to test the theory.
Dudfe. Working out in your jeans? Not cool man. Not cool. I think they kicked you out because you were not cool.
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