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Friday, March 07, 2008

God dammit, who has my Les Paul and my Magic cards?

The move to a new house has wiped me out of beloved items --- specifically, my black Les Paul Studio electric guitar and my cigar box full of Magic: The Gathering playing cards. I had some good ones, dating from the early 1990s. Some expensive ones.

I'm planning on starting a sea-shanties-singing band so whoever friend has my Les Paul --- I know I lent it to someone, but can't remember --- please give it back. I figure most of my friends read this blog, so sending an email would be less effective.

Also, Chris, you sure you're not hiding my Magic cards? What the fuck. I can't find them anywhere amongst the boxes in this big new house.

Faye? You got my Les Paul? No? Yes?

And Sam, how about my Fender Jazz? You still rocking the lesbian grrrl band up there? If not, I need it back. If so, I need it back.

This is a call to arms. Emergency like.

lonniebruner gmail
Oh that reeks! By the way, if anyone reading this has my irons (they politely left my driver, hybrid, and putter) please let me know.
oh man I remember playing magis in the kitchen back at the faragut house in rockville? Remember? (okay my inner geek i showing) Sorry I dont have your les paul, BUT I just got a new G&L guitar that roack hard tasy abs! Lets get a project going!
sorry for not checking my spelling...I suck

I'm new your new friend.

I don't have any of your stuff.

That's what's great about new friends.

Ah yes, the all black Magic deck... oh how it owned in that cockroach infested apartment back in the day.

Remember when we lost Colin's python within the apartment that one night?? Where the hell did it go??
How could I ever possibly forget that?

The funny thing was I came back the next day from work and the place had been torn apart by Colin looking for it. I would love to know where it ended up.
Since we're playing lost and found: my daughter is missing one of her swingball rackets. It was there Saturday morning and gone Saturday night; if anyone has any information on the missing racket please contact me ASAP. Tournament is next weekend.
Uh....if by "borrowed" you mean "you (or maybe Derek) left it at my house after a Trotsky Loves Mao practice and you didn't feel like picking it up for the last 2 years, despite me having also moved several times and needing to transport it (sans case)" then yes, I've got your les paul! I have been tempted to give it some sorely needed TLC and use it, because it has beautiful potential, but you know the pick ups are sunken in and it is in dire need of a set up. (and maybe a hug!). Let me know when you want to retrieve it!
AWESOME. Thanks Faye. I'm a fool for forgetting that thing.
Any luck, I am ready, We need to get a monthly league going for fun!
With respect, how the ___ do you misplace a Les Paul? When I move, the guitars ride with me in the car. The stereo too. And I don't have anything as sweet as a Les Paul Studio (that looks immaculate in the photo!) I've got a beaten '67 Firebird as the prize axe.

Hope you get the LP back.
UPDATE: I found my Magic cards. Chris Davies, beware ...
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