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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is no longer a sailing blog.

Blogging with a theme is restricting. As much as I love sailing, I just can't get motivated to write about it all the damn time. So I'm changing back to a log of my random thoughts. If sailing happens to come up, so be it.

But I will finish my sailing posts with a brief description of the Welsh Miner's Lantern (right) that I got for the boat.

My twin T-105 six-volt golf cart batteries onboard are over seven years old and I'm very conscious of over-taxing them so I've now installed two faux antique oil lanterns in my sailboat's cabin.

The Vermont Lantern Company has the best prices I've found on the internet.

The glow from natural light flickering shadows against stained teak and oak inside a sailboat's cabin on a rainy night feels like few other outdoor experiences; you're dry and warm despite the weather, and the little flames calm you and make you feel safe and at home.

I'm not much for poetry, but there's nothing like reciting Alfred Noyes under an orange flame while the rain and weather beat overhead.
I would have to say that it is the most comforting and mind clearing experiance
coupled with a belly full of crabmeat and plenty of booze on board.

Where's all the interesting non-sailing content I was eagerly expecting?
When was it ever a totally sailing blog?
I think it's great that you're shedding the shackles of sailing substance in the blog and are able to post with more regularity. It's really heightened the Talking Shit experience.
Step to the random once again, Bruner. Sailing blogs are like one trick whores.

I don't even know how to finish that one. But welcome back!!!
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