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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is a Photo of my Grandad

Since my grandfather was in the Navy for 30 years, fought in three wars, and was the inspiration for my interest in all things nautical, I've decided to put a framed photo of him in my new sailboat.

My mother laid a bunch of black-and-whites on her kitchen table for me to choose from. The one I picked (right) is a posed photo of him in Navy uniform carefully holding a mostly smoked cigarette, possibly dating from the early 1940s.

Is this an official Navy photograph? And if so, did they encourage him to pose with this lit cigarette?? I definitely don't think this is a casual photo taken in a bar; there's no background.

I'm going to place this onboard where I can see it from the helm.
great photo LB. I would only suggest that you make a nice copy (from a color copy machine) and frame that. The bay air will destry that photo in no time. It would be ashamed to ruin such an old photo.

My 2 cents.

I agree with dilkman. You would not want to see this tresure be destroyed. Great addition to the LB II.

I wonder if this was a photograph taken by a family member. I would think an official photo, would have included a hat and posed differently.
What a perfect way to honor your grandfather. The cigarette increases the worthiness and badassness of the picture by 1000-fold.

To add to dilkman's advice, when you make the copy, make several and keep them in a dark dry place, so that when the boat one goes bad, you will have another ready to go.
I think I want to use the original. The cabin of the boat is very dry and I think it should be ok. I will probably put plastic around it.
If you want to use the original, you may want to take it to Kinkos or some other office store, and have it laminated. This should keep the moisture out.
I you don't laminate that thing, you're an idiot!!
even if the cabin is dry, ther is stil lots of moisture in the air thhat come off the water that will inevidably ruin it. just friendly advice my friend. but if you dont mind losing it down the road, I agree having the original is better.
Great photo. You could always have a re-print made from that photo and use the re-print (on real photopaper, done by professionals). Or laminate it.
No such thing as a dry sailboat. at the very least put some of those de-humidifying pellets nearby.
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