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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Best Sailor's Beer: Miller Lite 12 oz Cans

I've put many beers through the test and Miller Lite 12 oz cans come out on top. And I don't take this pronouncement lightly.

First, cans are preferable to bottles on a heeling, pitching and rolling sailboat. When shopping for a good sailing beer, avoid any labels which actually include pictures of sailboats (usually on microbrews). A glass bottle --- other than rum or whiskey of course --- on a sailboat is more lubberly than calling a line a rope, for god's sake. I'd rather take a dozen bananas while leaving on Friday than carry one six pack of Full Sail Lager. Glass will end up shattered on a boat and in someone's foot, so save your money. And other than safety, empty cans can be twisted and crushed and take up less space than bottles as trash.

So why light beer? Well, when you're out in the sun for 12 hours, the last thing you want is lots of calorie-rich, alcoholic liquid.

But with so many light beers to choose from, why Miller? Because Miller Lite has flavor, doesn't get you too drunk and tastes twice as good as Coors Light and --- gag --- Bud Light. Among low quality taste, Miller is best.

And a 12 ounce can is the only choice. On a hot day I pour out every last half inch of dishwater-warm beer anyway. If you get the 16 oz tallboy, you'll surely pour out a solid 1.5 inches. What a waste!
I'm sure they're scrambling to develop new marketing based on this endorsement.

"Miller Light, that last half ounce will bait your hook."
I can see it now. You and Matt arguing about "Great Taste" ... "Less Filling" ... "Great Taste" ... "Less Filling"
Maybe Miller will pay for your endorsement.

Miller Lite - The Official Beer of Talkin' Shit About A Pretty Sunset
That's some solid scientific reasoning. For soda, I insist on plastic bottles so that the cap can be affixed in between sips...would that be possible with beer?
Twist off cap. Great idea!
I trust your sailing expertise on this matter. It may be one of the few events in which cans are preferable to bottles (crowded concerts/sporting events being another).
Good and valuable work. I particularly like the note about size and wastefulness.
guess they drink it slower on the east coast... Beer never seems to get warm on my boat in CA. Even when the cooler is sans-ice (less weight...)
pouring any amount of Miller Lite into the water requires a discharge permit
on the list of the many things i have to accomplish in life, one of them is to develop a canned, pre-mixed, dark and stormy to alleviate the 'what beer is better' issue.
The best sailors beer is Newport Storm in Cans!
Yo, no problem with your selection of beer, but let's not call cans "trash." They're recyclable, right? And I'm sure you have recycling container on board. So, that's what I'm talking about.
Barrits already produces Dark 'n Stormy premixed in a can...but you have to be in Bermuda to get 'em. And they don't tell you the alchohol you better be way ahead or otherwise have your position firmly established if you suck these back in quantity.

Mmm ... Dark 'n' Stormy in a can. That would be something.

Actually, I like mixing drinks onboard, no matter that's is very inconvenient most of the time.
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