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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Trip Across the Chesapeake

This weekend I took two friends on an overnight sailing trip. We sailed from my marina on the Magothy River to a creek on the lower Chester River.

Saturday was 20 knots of westerly wind with big waves, putting my boat up to hull speed at over eight knots! Luckily, my photographer friend Jim was with me. Check out his photo set of our trip here.

Also, Flickr has an option to load GPS waypoints along your path connected to various photos. Check out the map here.
Please tell me that you are heaved-to (hove-to, heave-to-ed?) to put in a reef in this photo, and not trying to stop the main from gybing as you spin wildly out of control.

Actually, I'm trying to take down the main right before we head into the creek, but my helmsman has accidentally put the boat out of irons so the genoa is backing. 30 seconds later and he was back in irons and I managed to get the sails down.
What hardware/software did you use to Geotag? I've been waiting to get a new camera with built in GPS but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen so I was looking at Sony's add on GPS unit and software:

I drop the headsail first usually though for the life of me I can't tell you why. I think maybe it's easier to keep it in irons main only.

For future reference, the porn star pose should be stricken from the photoset but I loved the rest of the shots. the BBQ ones were great.

And lastly, a poptop! I love poptops though i've never actually seen one in person.
Jason Sares,

I know he had a Garmin handheld GPS and just a regular digital camera. I don't think it takes anything special to Geotag but I may be wrong.


To tell you the truth, this trip was the first that we figured out that it's easier to take down the headsail first. My other boat had a roller-furling headsail so I never had to deal with this order thing; it's all relatively new to me.

The "porn star pose" is really my patented way of steering in heavy winds whilst cleating off the sheet right after a tack. You never did that??

The pop-top: it's nice, but Lapworth built this model with a pop-top because there's not enough headroom to stand up otherwise. It's a trade off.
Those photos are amazing. They look like they're from a movie.
Alright, I'll fess up to my version of a porn star pose. Downwind, I like to steer standing up facing forward (something about feeling the breeze on both ears as gybe-prevention). There is only one way to do this comfortably.

You stand in the center of the cockpit with one leg on either side of the tiller holding it in preferably your right hand. Of course, it looks obscene from just about any angle. I do have pictures but I don't think they'll get posted.
Jason Sares,

It's easy to geocode photos. Most any handheld unit will take a GPS track while it's turned on; load that file into your computer (assuming your GPS has a USB or serial port) and a variety of software will sync it up with the photos. A bunch of programs do this, and some are free, but I paid for HoudahGeo because it seems easiest.

Flickr, handily, will read those geotags and create a nice little map for your set. Nifty!
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