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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm not a car person, but DAMN, the Lotus Elise is cool as hell.

I haven't been interested in cool cars since I was a teenager, but when I happened upon a Lotus Elise on Friday while biking home, I was stricken with desire. Normally, I never pay cars any mind, and find most of them to be boring. But I challenge anyone who's been in the presence of a truly spectacular motor car to feel anything but raw awe and desire. This car is a work of art. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I heard that when you start the car, women jump into the window to sit on your dick.
very nice car but who in their right mind would own a car like that in DC. Guranteed to get dings or vandalized.
Lotus, huh. So I'm guessing after two and a half years the power windows stop working.

Such a machine is made for the twisty backroads and not the freeways...
I met this woman yesterday at a BBQ who lives right across the street from where that Lotus is parked. She said it's owned by two little old gay men.
Yeah, I only know one person with an Elise, and he's gay as they come.

Not that I'd decline an offer to drive it...
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