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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I've finally figured it out: DC is full of nerds. NNNNNEEEEERRRRRRDDDDSSS.

I grew up in the DC area and have lived in DC proper for many years now. I've heard every criticism that's been laid on DC's doorstep: full of uptight yuppies, pretentious, blah blah. But none of those cliches have ever rung 100% true for me. Then, about a month ago, I figured it out. DC is first and foremost a city of nerds. All the rest of the pejorative descriptions we get stem from that fact.

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not counting myself as completely separate from the nerd population. While I don't have my master's degree, I still enjoy a few nerdly pursuits here and there, like politics, wearing a life jacket while on a boat, and Discord Records.

Now that I've finally come to this conclusion, I can rest easy. Because who doesn't like a nerd? And an entire city full of them? Very likable indeed.
Dud MTG? OMG!! LOL!!, You are King Nerd!
Your nerdiness landed you in the WaPo Express. And speaking of Dischord, I saw Ian MacKaye hanging out at Crooked Beat records about a month and a half ago and for some strange reason a few weeks ago I also saw Ian Svenonius working the counter there.

I saw Guy Picciotto the other day near Astor with a baby strapped to his chest --- very nerdly, indeed.
Jesus. I go to Fort Reno a good bit and it's a real reality check to see a lot of the dischord folks with their kids in tow.

Several of them are involved in a children's tv project called "Pancake Mountain."
Is that two days in a row that you've been quoted in the Express? Because man, THAT is nerdy.
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