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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Fastest Monohull Sailing Yachts on Earth

I took a trip to Baltimore today to get some photos of the yachts racing in the Volvo Ocean Race. As I've said before, this race has been an obsession with me. I've never been this interested in a sporting event in my life. The top speed for these yachts is about 41 knots (46 MPH), and they're sailing around the world.


In the cockpit of Brasil 1.

This is ABN AMRO ONE, currently in the lead. I couldn't tell what kind of work they were doing to her, but she was mastless. All yachts are 70 feet long.

Brasil 1's stern.

These guys are actually crew members of ABN AMRO 2 and are cranking a guy up the mast.

And there he is at the top. He's putting on the weather vane.

My friend, Frank, joined me---fresh out of a business meeting in Baltimore. He's standing next to the yacht, Movistar

Jesus, how many winches are on this thing??
What's your impression of these things seeing them up close for the first time?

They are AMAZING. As Franklin said, "These things are BAD ASS." It's like looking at Ferraris.
Also, I was surprised by how much work goes into them. The maintenance guys basically disassemble the entired boat and put it back together again at each port. This includes taking the mast down and everything!
Cool pics. I'll try and catch these beauties when they are in New York.
Cool... I love those boats. Leave a message hidden on the boat somewhere, I'll get it off it in Gothenburg :)
Thanks for the work!
I caught up with these guys when they were in Melbourne. Two of my best mates work with ABN AMRO - Luke Molloy on the white boat, and Matt Stechman is head rigger.
If anyone tries to catch up with them whilst they are in the US, do your absolute best to try and meet these two guys, and tell them OG from LSD said hi!
I get to chat with Luke via msn whenever he is in port which is when the juicy goss is released! An email or phone call from Matt confirms or denies all the rumours from each Leg.
These are some amazing pics, and in the LSD gallery are some from Melbourne.

Glad you liked them.
bull these are the fastest boats in the world super maxis can cane these little babys. im a sailer i know. these are boats dont get me wrong but these boats cant even match wild oats 11, city index lepard, scandia and mari cha.
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