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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Maybe I have ADD, but I lose interest in blogs mainly because most of them trifle with par-for-the-course complaints about things everyone gets annoyed at, obvious, uninteresting political posts, office hell tedium, dating hell shite and general whining about a whole number of annoyances.

Oh, all my personal friends are exempt from this rant. I like hearing all of the above from you.

Keep it up.
Wow! You know you've made the big time when people start taking the trouble to hate you!
I'll be honest, DHD. I did a google search for "Dating Hell, blog" and yours was the first thing that came up.
Oh. Damn. Well, at least Google knows that I'm the paradigm of my genre.
You rock. I thought you liked me and everything. Take your hater-ade somewhere else.

I take back all of the naughty things I said about your bald head.
Ah well. You're a grown man whose first name is apparently Lonnie. No wonder you're lashing out.
Hahaha. Such easy pickings, Mr. Bruner! I think you needed some sassy female attention this week. Nothing draws flies more than a steaming pile of shit, right?
You two are cute.

ps: LB is not my name.
Picking on the soulful and talented DHD? Not nice at all. Creepy actually.
Does bitching about other people's blogs count? Maybe you should add that to your list. ;)

- General whining guy
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