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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today on K Street

I was riding my bike back from lunch. I was waiting at the crosswalk at 16th and K Street, about three blocks from the White House. To my left was a disheveled-looking white woman in her 40s. She had on filthy red sweatpants and a yellow sweatshirt with a Winnie the Poo backpack on. She was digging around in her backpack which seemed to be filled with trash. All the while she's muttering to herself, saying,

"I'll take the bus, then get off, and then assassinate him. I'll assassinate him, assassinate him."

I clearly heard her say "assassinate him" about eight times during the time it took for the light to turn green. Then she just shuffled off down K Street.

As I rode through Lafayette Park I told a policeman who then radioed to someone else about her.

This woman was probably a normal crazy person, not someone destined to cause destruction but whatever ... I think I did the right thing.
spooky. At least you have exposed her to the "system". Some social worker may put her in a better place, that is, if she's even taken in.
Ok, fine. Game on. You comment on my blog, and then talk about me in my sweatpants on yours??

Don't be a hater.
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