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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Spot & Croaker

Spot & Croaker have always been my favorite fish to catch and eat. Whenever I mention these fish, no one has ever heard of them. The reason is simple: there are too many pin-bones that are not palatable to all but the true fish lovers. I've never seen Spot or Croaker on any menu even though I consider only Halibut to be tastier.

Today the Washington Post has an article about Spot and Croaker. It's about time.

When it comes to catching Atlantic croaker and Norfolk spot, two of the most abundant and desirable fish in the Chesapeake Bay, Deale charter boat captains Dick Grimes and Shawn Brumley agree on the fundamentals.

The two Maryland seamen concur that bottom-dwelling croaker and spot are most active at night and will likely bite on shrimp or squid. They believe that July and August are the peak months of the croaker fishing season. They say the best places to drop anchor recently have been at the Gooses, northeast of Calvert Cliffs, an area noted for the mild, pleasant-tasting fish.

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