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Monday, August 01, 2005

Dear Cafe Atlantico

I hope I wasn't being too uptight in the email I just sent them:


Hello Cafe Atlantico manager,

I just had the pleasure of enjoying a few beverages at your very chic restaurant. From what I've heard---having never eaten a meal there---it's a very fine place, with a lot of interesting choices. In short, a place that makes careful decisions when putting together a menu. I think that goes without saying.

This afternoon I ordered a Gibson at your bar. I know no one likes to hear someone's priggish suggestions about making such a drink, but I think mine are an important way to make your establishment even better than it is.

Put plainly, your pickled onions tasted like cheap, soft pickles, not quality pickled pearl onions (an important difference). This should not be. There is one of two explanations for this: 1) the onions had sat in the back of your refrigerator for far too long or; 2) you ordered your onions from a cheap wholesaler, which is just sad. The whole point of the Gibson is that the onions will add a crisper flavor to the vermouth and gin and give the drinker something tangy to chew on between sips. The important adjective is "crisp". No one wants their Gibson to taste like a jar of mushy Gherkins.

I've had cocktail onions at Safeway that tasted ten times better than the ones I had at Cafe Atlantico tonight. Let me help you to make your restaurant a better place. Some of the best cocktail onions are homemade. I've found a fairly good choice is McSweet onions. You can purchase them here:

Or maybe not enough people order Gibsons for you to even care ...

Please take this email as constructive criticism, not as a polemic.


L. Bruner
You weren't too harsh. I wrote this to Guapo's in April:
I agree. I'd appreciate the comment if I were the manager.
Damon, will you make me a Gibson?
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