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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sick, Weekly

Walking home at about 12:30 AM on Saturday night in my neighborhood, I noticed a man sprawled out all over the curb and into the road. There are plenty of homeless and drunk people passed out in my neighborhood on any given Saturday night but not in the "style" of this guy. I mean, half of his body was in the street, right next to a busy bus stop. People were just walking past him.

My immediate thought was that there was some hidden camera trying to count how many people would walk by a guy---and a black guy, nonetheless---who looked dead.

I went up to him and jostled him but his body barely moved, like rigormortis. I kept asking him, "Are you ok, man? Are you all right?" Nothing. Finally, I lifted him by his right arm. He came to and I guided him over to the bus stop bench so he could rest without risk of being hit by a bus.

While doing this, some NoVA fuckwad made some snide comment about him being dead. What if he was dead, you piece of human garbage? How would you feel then? I'm so tired of my neighborhood. It makes me sick, weekly.
Gentrfication. You knew this was coming. It's like the weather locomotive. humbling, dangerous, and most of all, inevitable.
'Tis better than the opposite: ghettofication.
One word: Hyattsville
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