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Friday, August 05, 2005

Mean, Nasty.

Standing forlornly at my deceased friend Nate's funeral last weekend, I vowed that I would become a better person, that I wouldn't say mean, critical or shallow things about other people no matter who they are or what they do.

Easier said that done.

I don't think I have an addiction to shit talking, and my friends know I'm not like that, but I need to cut it out of my life.

I'm not any more insecure or fucked up than the next person, so why can't I stop? Maybe I need to move to the midwest and start using adverbs like "surely", as in, "We surely are glad you folks stopped by." That might cure it.
"so why can't I stop?"
Hmmm... let's see... because it's fun!!!
Jean-Marc! I can't believe you're encouraging him! You bald-headed men & your wickedness!
DHD: Naw... we're only teasing... OK we're not... but for people we like we call it teasing ;)
Anyways, Lonnie, just be careful, some of these rednecks might get mad if they think you're calling them Shirley ...
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