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Thursday, December 23, 2004

"Never trust a man who doesn't drink." - W.C. Fields

I don't know much about W.C. Fields but the above quote of his is right on. I know a lot has been said about how teetotaler presidents shouldn't be trusted and I think our current situation clearly supports that truism. I guess I can see someone who's a teetotaler because he or she had horrbile problems with the bottle but what other excuse is there for abstaining? Don't like the taste? Man, were you never a teenager? No excuse.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that some people really should not drink, and the rate at which abusers drink and hurt themselves and others can be scary. An alcoholic should lay off. But for someone who doesn't have some obsessive predisposition to abuse alcohol a little hooch now and then is not just enjoyable but fundamental to an even-keeled mind, body and soul.

I think my next post will be a list of all the wet versus dry world leaders and we all should be able to draw some proper conclusions. This I know: Hitler and Mussolini were teetotaler prudes to be sure, and there is no great American novelist who abstained.
"Never trust a man who doesn't drink" was actually written by American phiosopher, William Claude Dukenfield. W.C.fields stole it-and by the way,died a painful death in a L.A. hospital DUE TO ALCOHOLISM. W.C.Fields off the screen was a drunken asshole by most accounts. Your mis-information and narrow minded opinion leads me to believe you are a boneheaded dumbfuck. 3 cheers for alcohol. Drink responsibly!
William Claude Dukenfield is W.C. Fields dipshit.
My god, the first poster is a first class cunt. And the William Claude Dukenfield mistake is fucking priceless. Go drink a handle and die cunt.
I love it when people forget to fact check. Google is so hard to navigate sometimes. Like turning the spell check on on your web browser...
"William Claude Dukenfield is W.C. Fields dipshit."

Totally fucking owned himself. He needs to take a look in the mirror and change his attitude. Bad show man, bad show.

Being a person who just loves to sit down and drink so much beer at the laptop that I have actually killed three laptops with spilt beer and gotten in trouble with police at my door the next day due to shit I was writing on the net, and then developing vascular insufficiency disease onset cause of the hard drinking, I got to say yeh some people shouldn't drink. And hey, maybe you shouldn't trust them either! Cause maybe one day they go get super drunk and be an idiot and hurt you emotionally or otherwise.
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