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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Your Predecessor

I'm now starting the 3rd month of a new job. Slowly, the details about the guy who was fired from this position are coming to light. I hear little tid-bits daily, and it's astounding---and I guess re-assuring---how awful he was at his (my) job. He downright tried very hard for months to get fired from his position, including trying to trigger the firewall all the time by going to job sites like, and getting drunk during lunch. I now spend about 2 hours a day making up for what he neglected to update or do. Why the f--- did he hate his (my) job so much? I heard he's taking a cruise around Ireland right now so he can tour all the breweries. I'd love to talk to him for just 5 minutes. That's all.
Most people hate their jobs no matter how good it might seem to those on the outside. It's the bane of our existence... we seem incapable of recognizing the good in our lives and assume everyone else has it better.
I am the guy who was fired from your (my) job. I send you greetings from Killarney, where I have been drunk for the past 114 hours.
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