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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Liberal Guilt to Spill

Liberal guilt is ridiculous. It tears people up thinking about it. People fret about buying this or that decadant product but how does purchasing $22 duck pate hurt the poor? People are poor for numerous reasons, and I'm convinced that most are not poor because they played by the rules and the system just fucked them over. Often, people are poor because of their horrible life choices, drugs, mental illness, etc, on and on and on. Enough said about the downtrodden of the world. It's an iron law of human economics that unless you directly steal from someone, if you make money, you're not taking anything away from the less fortunate. You better believe the poor would buy decadant shit if they could. Probably even this:
You're stealing duck pate from the mouths of the homeless!
I feel a horrible amount of liberal guilt every day. But after reading this, I feel a little better.
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