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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Progress Overstated

There was a recent article in the Washington Post stating that all those cheery reports of Chesapeake Bay pollution progress over the past decades were overstated. Well, I don't know what all the numbers say but word on the street is that populations of rockfish and crabs are better than they've been in years. Anyone who reads daily fishing/crabbing reports would know that. Lip service is always paid by politicians, but who knows what the hell is being done or even if those "dead zones" really mean much. Fish and crabs are always caught in these areas no matter how much dissolved oxygen exists there. Frankly, I take all those alarmist reports with a grain of salt. The main problem always has been and will continue to be run-off from farms. Nitrogen from vehicles and development along the shore play a small role but the real villians are the farms. They've been using fertilizer for decades and decades and the ebb and flow of healthy fish and crab stocks continue. The best you can do is read fishing and crabbing reports to get a good gauge on what's going on out there. The scientists sure don't seem to know much.
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