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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Cow Noses

This, from a discussion on about my encounter with some rays over the weekend:

Posted by L. Bruner on 12-Jul-2004 8:54:12 PM:
This weekend I was wading back to my boat in about 3 to 4 feet of water around the mouth of the Chester River and I kept stepping on some very large fish. It was pitch-black dark so I couldn't see what they were but they were so big they almost knocked me off balance several times. Felt like i was stepping on big, slippery dogs. What were these? I thought they were stingrays but wouldn't they have stung me if they were? They were too big to be flounder or catfish. Any ideas?

Posted by Fritz R. on 12-Jul-2004 9:00:16 PM:
Probably cow nosed rays. They do have a barb at the base of their tail, but they're fairly docile, and if you don't pin them down (and that's pretty hard because they're so big) or step on the barb, they probably won't hurt you. They definitely can, though.

Posted by Unknown on 12-Jul-2004 10:52:19 PM:
I don't think I would have waded back to my boat in the dark in 4 feet of water. And if I had any trouble deciding, stepping on the first large ray would have helped me make up my mind.

Posted by Chessie on 13-Jul-2004 7:05:23 AM:
I was thinking the same thing. First time I stepped on a big, slippery anything in the dark I would have been running across the surface of the water all the way back to the boat. Too many creatures out there in the world's waterways these days that have a bone to pick with me.

Posted by H2O Boss on 13-Jul-2004 10:47:58 AM:
Reminds me of sharking on AI trying to get a bait over the outer bar. You haven't lived until you've waded out to your tits with a 12' heaver with 8oz and a freshly oozing fish head as bait. Only after you've landed a few 5' sharks, and seen bigger landed...........I think I woulda needed to change my shorts if I had bumped into anything, much less repeatedly.

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