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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Buy Christopher Hitchens a Drink Online

Now you can buy Britain's polemicist alcoholic journalist a bottle of Johnnie Walker online.

No matter what you might think of him, you would never say he's boring. Most Sunday morning pundits are so smug and boring but the Hitch always lays down his thoughts with that snotty accent and paranoid anti-God rants. Years ago, my wife and I went to one of his book signings and in the middle of the Q and A session he pulls a 5th of Jim Beam out of his pocket and takes a slug before answering the next audience question.

One reason I think he inspires such intense feelings of hatred is because he is a TRUE polemicist; he holds no allegences or loyalties to the left or right. He has repeatedly said this. You think he's switched over to "the right"? It's certainly not the case. A day or two after Reagan died he was one of the first to slam the Gipper's record. Maybe that's one reason why people hate him so much: he can't be pigeonholed.

So this one's for the Hitch! Cheers!
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