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Monday, December 13, 2004

unsolicited loud opinions

What the f. is with the guy next to you at the old man bar spouting off about some shit you have no interest in hearing about? The Scott Peterson case? Oh, you better believe he's got something he's gonna tell you about it. JFK? Why didn't the government know about the Cubans killing him? He' s gonna let you know his opinion about it.

God, shut the fuck up already. It's not just the blathering on and on, it's the LEVEL AT WHICH YOU ARE TALKING. I can't even hear the conversation I'm having with the person next to me, who I came with and who I actually care about talking to over your drunken slobbering. Are all old man bars like this?

I never want to be that guy. Hopefully my friends would tell me if I ever got that bad ...
OK Damon, I'll tell you when you get that bad.

Four years ago.

Jus' foolin', dawg! Much love!
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