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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My Only List For 2004


My top 5 overrated places in Adams/Morgan:

#5 Pasta Mia

Who the fuck lines up for pasta?! Pasta! I only eat pasta when I'm feeling completely culinarily bored or I'm trying to save money. Who actually orders this meal in a restaurant? Pasta Mia sucks and so do all of you.

#4 Millie & Al's aka "One Million Owls"

This is the worst pizza imaginable. It's worse than the pizza I ate with my friend Ryan Wessling in 7th grade when we went to see WWF in a sky suite at the Cap Center in PG County in 1986. We even tried to put catsup on it but it was still horrible. Also, I always try to avoid places that have jello shooters.

#3 The Reef

Ok, the food is decent but this is the only place where I actually had bugs in my drink. Ok, they were really gnats but there were like 4 or 5 of them drowned in my whiskey glass. Trashy.

#2 Astor aka "Ass-store"

I'm just turned off by this place cuz of the story RL told me about our friend Ian and his girlfriend "wordlessly chewing" on half-finished chicken legs at Astor. Plus, the burgers suck.

#1 2901 18th St, NW Apt 506

Dood, that brown couch can kiss my ass, man. Ain't that cozy. Jus' ain't. Oh and Atari? WTF? What year is it? Get a damned Sony PlayStation, bitch!
I recall having a great time with you at the Reef. Maybe the meal wasn't so great, but my memory is that it was.
Top 5 Things Fodge Gonna Say When I Deliver A Beatdown On He Azz For Makin' Fun Of My Crizzib:

5) I can't think of anything.
I said the food is good at Reef. I just had gnats in my drink.
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