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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am a Devil Bitch, Apparently

I've gotten a few nasty comments on this blog since I started it nearly six years ago but I just got hands down the best -- I mean, worst -- comment in the blog's history. Four years ago, I wrote a post about the racist Black Israelites who rant terrible words against whites, gays and Arabs on H Street NE. That post is still getting comments. And then yesterday, I had the cake-taker:
"Anonymous said...
Lonnie Bruner you are a devil bitch. And you are going to be put to death. And when the most high returns and we get to fucking you devils up. I"m going to come all the way to d.c. and rip your fucking head off you devil bitch. Now say something about that you cocksucker"
Holy crap, that is hi-larious. I'm a devil bitch! Scroll to the bottom of the comment thread to see my response. I think it's appropriate.
Devil Bitch: Speaking of old posts, there was one where you mentioned the onions in a jar of herring being "explosions of flavor". LOFL, they're just as good as the fish. Also, the obligatory couple of pearl onions in a jar of cornichons are like getting the cracker jack prize. Tempted to throw them into my next gibson.
Love, Mom
Awesome can't even begin to describe your response...keep up the good work!
At least your Mom had the decency to quietly post that message to you instead of blaring your ass with a amplifier for five hours on a Saturday.

Just goes to show yu that EVERY cult has their own Glen Beck, lol
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