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Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Neighborhood in the Freezing Cold Night

I finally figured out how to take photos at night with the shutter open on my camera for 15 seconds to let in as much light as possible. So I walked around my neighborhood tonight freezing my nuts off to get a few good shots.

This is my block. My house is the second from left -- the green one.

My house:

The alley behind my house. These are the trashy neighbors:

These are the tops of the garages behind my house:

My neighbor's eerie tree:

On 16th Street. That's the Cambodian Embassy there in the background:

Back home in my basement bar:

A view from my bar top:

My bitters collection and tiki glass collection. I'm very proud:

Nice job Ansel Adams. Seriously those are pretty good.

and yes we are out here reading your blog.
Now that it seems to be warming up a bit, how are the nuts doing? Love your blog. Where do you keep the boat?
Lonnie: Seems to be quite an array of opinions regarding Reid Stowe out here in the Blogosphere. I choose to sit back and take them all in. On another topic, Anyone interested in donating old used sails to Haitian fishermen, please go to:
Still out here. I read the old posts quite often. Patiently waiting for more . . . .
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