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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Food or Pets?

Multiple choice quiz: a) this photo was taken at a Malaysian aquarium store and these are pets; b) this photo was taken at a Malaysian restaurant and these are dinner choices:

If they are pets, there should be a bunch of smaller fish instead of a few large fish. There should at least be *some* small fish, and I don't see any.
Food. Looks like Chinatown in Houston, but better.

I'll take the one on the left with some nice Chianti and some Fava Beans..........
When do we get an answer? I still say both, What better way to appreciate your pet than to eat it?

These tanks full of sea life are very common in Asia. Sometimes there are so many tanks of fish etc that it looks like a pet store but it's just a normal restaurant.
Makes perfect sense, I love pan fried neon's and gourami's. I think the best way to serve paddlefish is steamed with a little rice!
Food. It looks like a deli counter, and that white metal thing is a ticket dispenser - and the price looks like it is a per pound kinda thing....
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