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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pretty Much Ideal Sushi Place

In Shanghai, my biz partner took me to a sushi place that I would have never been able to find if I hadn't been shown it. It was the quintessential unmarked place with two small red lanterns with Asian characters being the only thing indicating an awesome restaurant up the dirty black-carpet-covered stairs. Above, was some of the best sushi and sake I've ever had.

I took three pictures of the joint while sitting at the bar:

I love places like this! Out of the way, hidden almost. Some of the coolest places I've ever been I'll probably never be able to find again.

Holy goodness, I haven't had sushi in a while. I am sooooo jealous.

Was it the best sushi you have ever had, you live in the city would know better than us suburbanites.

No, don't think it was the best ever. That's hard to say, but I think the sushi at Narita airport was pretty close.

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