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Friday, December 18, 2009

I Take Back All the Positive Things I've Said About Reid Stowe

What a real douche. I've been following his "voyage" since a month after it began. I always thought the guy was loopy but I also thought he was going to try and legitimately continue sailing around the world as many times as he could in 1000 days -- an actual journey. But it's obvious that his 1000 Days at Sea voyage is him merely drifting around at less than half a knot of boat speed in the doldrums of the Atlantic for over a year while the mother of his child raises his son. I have lost all respect for Reid Stowe.

Look at his position for nearly the past year!:

And the 1000-day mark will pass in January 2010 but for some reason, he's decided to drift around off west Africa until June. Get back to land and raise your fucking child, you dirtbag!

I should have listened to the Sailing Anarchy members who've been making fun of Reid for nearly three years.

And WTF is this Mars mission crap?! At first, I didn't think the guy was serious, but from a few posts lately, it's obvious he thinks NASA actually cares that his hippie-ass is drifting around the Atlantic for years. Are you serious man?!?

It's time for me to call Reid Stowe what he really is: a jobless, aging hippie loser who used his charm to coax a 23-year-old girl to set out on a dangerous venture with him because he had nowhere else to go because New Jersey was going to evict him from his slip, then he gets the girl pregnant at sea, so he dumps her in Australia to hitch back to the USA and do the tedious work of raising his child while he wacks off and paints bad art drifting in the doldrums of the Atlantic which is the least challenging place to sail on Earth.

God, that was the longest run-on sentence I've put on this blog, but Reid Stowe deserves it.
Ha what a douche. He is not only disgracing all the record achieving sailors, he is disgracing the title of "father".

He should take the clock off the bulkhead and walk off the stern. At least Crowhurst went insane while trying to achieve something truly impressive.
Well written. Next time I'm in the DC area, I'll buy you a beer or three.
How sad that you are so little your own man that a bully who hides behind his pseudonym of a dog, has made you utter the same condemnations he has repeated for years. Stowe certainly has his faults, and is very different than you and me. However, for you to go from supporting him in his sailing effort, to suggesting he kill himself, and apparently believing along with Regatta darkside Dog, that this is more righteous than for him to come home to any accolades, really should make you question the kind of man you have become this holiday season.

I never said he should kill himself. That's terrible and I'd never say such a thing.

But you have to admit:

1 - it isn't much of a voyage if you're just drifting at 0.2 knots in the doldrums for two years.

2 - he should be home raising his child, not fucking around fulfilling his special little childhood dream of floating around in a boat for three years.

Those are my main two qualms with him.

Lonnie B.
I see how terrible you thought it was when the first comment on your blog coming around to the SA side and taking down stowe said:
"Ha what a douche. He is not only disgracing all the record achieving sailors, he is disgracing the title of "father".
He should take the clock off the bulkhead and walk off the stern. At least Crowhurst went insane while trying to achieve something truly impressive.

in supposed solidarity with your point of view and you remained silent after letting it be a public comment on your blog.

yes indeed i see how terrible you consider calling for stowe's suicide at sea to be.

do you?
Ha another douche. They would make a great sailing team.

As long as there is no wind and plenty of responsiblities back home.
Nice try, Stowe lover, but that quote didn't come from Lonnie, it was a comment from Jason.

Put down the crack pipe and save your blind adoration for someone more worthy, like Britney Spears.
Whether Reid is a "device used to introduce a stream of water into the body for medical or hygienic reasons" or not, I think his story is a great example of how careful you need to be in setting objectives and goals.

"Sail around the world three times non-stop" is one thing. "Sail out of sight of land without any outside support for 1000 days" is something else. Maybe he should have been more careful in setting his target but he did set it this way and he is achieving it.

Seen it time and time again in business. Objectives develop lives of their own, independent of the underlying reason for setting them.

And Reid isn't the only guy to father a child and then disappear from its life. Maybe this one will grow up to be President of the USA too? No wait. Does the boat count as US territory for the purpose of the 14th Amendment?
Jeez, he's a month away from 1000 and you turn on him? I've always just thought he was an idiot and not much has changed that opinion but it is a bit impressive that he hasn't sunk his barge this whole time. I just wonder who's going to tow him back to NY?
Have you looked closely at some of those photos of his boat? I'm amazed he's still floating, frankly. He's lost his decent sails and is limping along with the shreds. If he makes it back through the northern Atlantic, even during late spring, it will be a miracle. As I see it, that's the reason he's made the decision to sit tight for so long. He's saving the sails he has left.

As for the child support issue, isn't that between he and Soanya? If he can get back to land and the two of them are able to publish a successful story that makes some money, won't that ultimately tend to support Darshen more than to return to unemployment in NY? I don't know the guy, and I think he's a little insane based on the content of his blog entries, but I'm willing to wait until he returns and see what happens AFTER the dream to pass judgment.
It looks like he has extended past 1000 days. He is at day 1042 or something. What's with that?
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