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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

People Braver Than Me

For over a year, I've been working to register and sell my product in Iran. I got the license from the US Treasury Department and was working with the Iranian distributor, Ali, to get the sales going. We had even finalized the proforma invoice, etc, when I got this message from Ali's associate on January 3rd, 2010:

"Dear (Lonnie),
This is Muhamad, Ali's colleague and I am writing on his behalf as he asked me to do. Unfortunately Ali got shot in last week's clashes in Tehran and has severely injured from his eyes and chest. He asked me to write to you and tell you what has happened and ask you to wait for a few more days (I don't know how long it takes) until he gets better and leaves the hospital hopefully to his normal life. I appreciate your patience toward this matter.
Yours sincerely,
Then today I received this email from Ali who is now out of the hospital:
"Dear (Lonnie)
I would like to thank you for your concern for me and my family and I apologize if I made you worried for my health. You called me a brave person but I should say that I am not that brave you think, I just tried to do what any free and responsible person would do. I have been admitted to hospital since 27 Dec 2009 in order for doctors to
work on serious injuries on my body and help curing them as far as it is possible (like blindness on my both eyes). Unfortunately doctors have diagnosed my right eye with blindness and they hope I will have my eye sight back partially in my left eye step by step. I hope so. I said this not to worry you but for you to be familiar with my medical situation at this time and to know why I don’t follow up with our business. I am trying my best to gather my mind and soul in such a way that I can continue my personal life and career in the quickest time and our cooperation is my primary goal.
I hope I will send my first order to you the soonest time. I hope you understand the whole situation that I am involved with.
Best regards.
I"ll try not to whine so much the next time I get a splinter. I suppose blogging takes a far back seat considering the recent occurrences. Welcome back!
That's quite a situation to understand, but... good luck to him. Hot damn.
Puts it all in perspective. His humility is truly humbling.
Brings it home huh?
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