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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show me someone who doesn't love pressure washing, and I'll show you a woman.

I've never met a man who does not love pressure washers. My father-in-law is fascinated by them, telling me that he pressure-washed nearly everything he could see when he first bought one. And today I realized how addicting they are when I rented one from Home Depot for $56.

It's about the messiest job you can do. A gasoline-powered engine forces the water through the hose and jets out in a dangerous knife-like spray so you have to wear protective goggles or dirt nails your eyes at 50 miles-per hour. My entire body was covered in grime from the backyard, but mainly that was because I was not adverse to aiming the nozzle at nearly everything in my path -- leaves, weeds, and broken pieces of concrete. Outta my way! It was awesome.
I'm a woman and I love pressure washing. Specifically, I love watching you pressure wash our back patio and kill all the weeds and make the moss go away and make our trash cans not smell awful.
awesome fun!
You can imagine my dismay when the little electric pressure washer I got barely had the umph to spray dirt much less black algae off concrete.

What a let down. If any of you readers ever considers getting one, do it right and get a gas powered d-mac daddy special.
Wanna' hire out?
What is really fun is to sit on a skate board and sray it behind you. It is amazing how fast you can get going
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