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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chesapeake Blue Crabs are Mean Mother Fuckers

Last Saturday the wife, dogs and I sailed to the Wye River. We'd caught crabs beforehand at the dock and put them in a cooler to eat later. After hours of sailing across the Bay, I reached in with tongs to pick them up to put in the pot of steaming water, and as you can see from the below video, blue crabs are REALLY aggressive and if they pinch you, you will bleed like a murder victim.

Most people only see crabs when they're dead and red and headed to your mouth but they don't realize what assholes they are when they're alive. My wife found that out the hard way when one pinched her finger and she bled for nearly an hour.
I remember steaming live crabs when I was a kid and watching my parents try to pour them into the steam pot.
We were always in bare feet and we would have to chase them around the linoleum floor. It was a big deal when you were old enough to pick one up with your bare hands.
When she was bit was she CRABBY?
no one ever said that good-natured food was worth eating...
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