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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Every third male in Australia seems to be a sailor who can --- at minimum --- tie a bowline in less than 6 seconds.

Dear American men: how does that above statement make you feel? (Because it's true). Like your penis is curving inward?

Since I am a sailor who can tie a bowline in less than six seconds, the above statement makes me feel like I am in good company.
i could give a rats ass. we have nukes, they dont. suck it aussies!
dude, I can tie a bowline in my penis in six seconds.

And every third male in Australia wants to try to untie it.
As a British male I would like to point out that British sailors will win more medals for sailing at the 2008 Olympics than America and Australia combined, just like they did in 2004.
WOW Aussies know their knots like they know their sheep!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... how des that knot go again!
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