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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pictures from Saturday's Sail

Full sails, clear skies:

I only smoke when I sail. Strangely, fresh Bay air and sunshine taste better when inhaled alongside cigarette smoke:

SeƱor Davies, sipping Ol' Schmuggla from a tin cup:

My First Mate, in full camo bibs:

Greg McGillicuddy, our cameraman and ship's chaplain:

My cabin's interior. Note the Welsh miner's light screwed to the bulkhead:

Thomas Point Lighthouse on the horizon:

Me, playing bowman:

Later that evening, in my partially-finished home bar, enjoying my freshly brewed hefeweizen (note the chunky yeasty froth):

From the looks of that last picture, it wasn't your first.

Looks like it was a great day to sail.
You should wear the helmet when sailing. It's like a license to board other boats.
Sorry I missed it. Your last pic makes you look like a Norwegian privateer.
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