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Monday, May 08, 2006

Man vs. Sea No Longer Important?

If you're looking for hardcore ocean adventure television, prepare yourself for disappointment. You're stuck with either The Deadliest Catch or some shark documentary on Discovery Channel.

My suggestion: a reality TV program about an around the world sailing race. It would be the best adventure TV in existence. Don't believe me? Check out this short documentary (WMV file) of the 2001-2002 Volvo Ocean Race. Not convinced? Here's another one (WMV file) from the 2005-2006 VOR. Out of breath yet? You should be.

Regrettably, other than par-for-the-course oceanography programs and Dealiest Catch, there's a dearth of quality TV programs about humans battling oceans. And no, Survivor and Lost do NOT count. While fine enough programs in their own right, they're not the kind of jaw-clenching, salt-sprayed epics that we deserve. I'm talking about a program that's physically exhausting to watch, people.

There was a time when Man vs. Sea was considered an important conflict in life an literature, wasn't there? ... Wasn't there?

(Video credits: Gregory Sports)
That's why we have airplanes. So we don't have to muck about in the sea.

Hollywood should do more with ocean racing!!!
Roy Disney is entering his new TP52 into the TransPac (or is it the Pac Cup?) with an all-teenaged crew with the purpose of filming it for a documentary.

or you could watch the Volvo Ocean Race series on OLN or Encore.
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