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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Horror Movie Drinkin' Game

There's not much to do in a rural lake house in Michigan so to kill time we rented five horror movies. The cliches were so re-occuring that we made a list of them and drank to each. Here are the ones that I can remember:

- creepy, singing children

- phone rings, when person picks up, there's no one there

- something runs by in the background

- faucet turned on, out comes black water

- blood from any non-human source

- newspaper articles that show that an alive person is actually dead

- protagonist is startled by someone he/she knows

- dead/asleep person wakes up and grabs a character by the arm

There were like 10 more but I forget them.
I have almost a genuine phobia for this one -
a mirror is moved and scary person is in it, usually behind them
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