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Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Free Range" Meat

Picked up a buffalo steak, some giant raw soup bones (for my dogs) and a package of bacon from the farmer's market on Thursday. The meat comes from Cibola Farms in Culpeper, Virginia.

All the animals are raised without the use of chemicals or hormones, but I can tell you from personal experience that those qualities DO NOT translate into better-tasting meat. The buffalo steak was so tough that my jaw ached after eating it. My dad said I needed a meat hammer to tenderize it. First, I don't even own such an instrument and what's more, I really shouldn't be eating meat that is so tough that it needs to be beaten with a spiked metal weapon.

The bacon was like chewing on salt strips. No smokiness, no fatiness, just salt flavor. I could feel my body drying up as I ate it. Might as well have spent 10 minutes with my tongue lapping at a salt lick block.

The upshot is that homemade doesn't always mean better. Next time I'm going to Safeway.
Dear Mr. Fodge,

I am Tsenghuag Kleemba, the bison (I prefer the term "American Buffalo") you consumed for dinner, and, apparently, breakfast.

I apologize that my meat was so tough. I used to do a lot of running around when I was still alive. That does tend to toughen the muscles.

Anyway, that's all.
doesn't peachfish taste better when beaten with a metal spikey hammer?
meat is supposed to be tough. only americans are used to it being tender. most foreigners will tell you that soft, marbled meat is considered bad quality in their countries. the first time i ate a steak here, i cried, i hated it so much. i'm used to it now, but the flavor isn't the same as that of happy free range, third-world cows.
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